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Dr. phillip dustan

Dr. Phillip Dustan is an ecologist who has been on the faculty of the College of Charleston Biology Department since 1981. His local research is focused on understanding the impact of rapid population growth in the watersheds of Charleston’s estuarine creeks and rivers and the ecological relationships between land and sea as the Lowcountry continues to develop. He helped design the South Carolina Aquarium in the 1980’s and collaborated with the City of Charleston and South Carolina Coastal Conservation league on present and future ecological issues facing Charleston. He helped formulate and write the Johns Island Community Plan and J.I. Greenways Plan and was a member of the City of Charleston Green Committee. He received Charleston’s first Green Award in 2012. In response to recent development pressures on Johns Island, Dr .Dustan authored the petition “Save River Road from More Development” via which has garnered over 4000 signatures protesting the ecological destruction of Johns Island.