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Welcome to The Progressive Club’s

Keys to Progress Information Series!

Join Progressive Club Board Member, Aaron White, as he speaks with dynamic community leaders. In the interviews below, community members exchange critical information about their work and share the many resources available to help strengthen our Sea Island communities! 

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In this video, Steve Larson, Principal of St. Johns High School, discusses his vision and all the work his staff has done to help grow the school and the students. He discusses academics, graduation rate, the rigorous curriculum, and how the community can get involved with the school to help improve and nurture students at the only high school on the Sea Islands.

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In this video, Mary Tinkler, Charleston County Treasurer, discusses ways residents of Charleston County can take advantage of various tax incentives and programs that assist in managing property taxes. She discusses important topics such as the Homestead Exemption, applying for the 4% Property Tax for residents, and Installment Plan.

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In this video, Ericka Plater, Executive Director of Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach, discusses the overall mission, scope, and work that is being done by the local non-profit. She shares important information for the Sea Island communities and surrounding areas regarding assistance to include employment, health/mental health, food, financial assistance, etc.